OL Image - I1007 Bad variable type

we are currently moving from the old PlanetPress to OL Connect 2023.2.0.6120.

On the new system I´m not able to create PDF/A-1b with OL Connect Image.
The error I get just says “Bad variable type” and I have no clue anymore were to look to solve it.
I created a test process that only creates the PDF (no additional plugins) and a document that only writes one fixed text in order to eliminate all other sources that could cause the error.

When I switch it to a “normal” PDF in the Image plugin, everything is working.

Does someone here know this error and can tell me how to fix this?


Could you share your test process? This would greatly help us investigating the issue.

Like I said, we are just switching to OL Connect, so we are still using .ptk Design Documents.

Here the test document.

The Process is just this:

and here the settings of the Plugin:

Recreated it here and it works fine:

I suggest you contact our Support team so they can investigate further.