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OL Learn - Manipulating PDF with MetaData

Good afternoon -
I’m trying to go through this how-to so that I can remove a page from a PDF based on a word on the page. Actually the page it’s on and the next one, but first thing’s first I guess.

I managed to get the workflow to remove the page and create a new PDF, but it’s actually the entire rest of the document, from the 1st iteration of the word until the end of the document, not just the pages that I wanted.
It looks like my issue is somewhere in the Grouping and Sorting part:

  • The Left Operand should be a Metadata Selection , where the selection is the CustomerID field at the Document level.
  • The Operator should be Value Changed

That’s from the tutorial, not really from my specific document.

Being new to this Connect there’s a pretty good chance I’m just missing something easy. I think this is a basic thing, extracting pages from a PDF based on a word in the PDF. Is metadata the way to go? A run script?
Is there training on presstalk?

Is it safe to assume this question is related to your other one, for which I just posted a reply?