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OLConnect_Server cannot start

The service OLConnect_Server is stopped a few seconds after it is started manually on the services panel. I re-installed the software but the service is still not working. What could be the issue?
I cannot print since I get a warning saying No Server Found.

Thank you very much for your help!

Looks like your Connect server starts and ends right away. Either your license has expired or the login credentials are causing an issue. In any case, open a technical support ticket through our website, and a technician will remote in and help you with it.

Thank you for your quick response hamelj!
My connect license is not expired, however, my olcare subscription is expired. Can I still open a ticket?
What do you mean by login credential? The user and password of windows?
Thank you very much again!

Could be that the credentials that are used by the Connect server are no longer working. In any case, without looking at your server logs, it is nearly impossible to troubleshoot. The best course of action would be to renew your OLCARE and have a technician look into it.

Simply contact your OL Reseller and upon confirmation of a P.O., you will have access to all the advantages of OL Care.

Could be that the magic number on your PC has changed, usually due to a hardware change (virtual hardware on a VM) of major update of Windows. If the magic number has change, then your license would expire even if it hasn’t reached it time limit (the licensing security wouldn’t recognize that workstation to be the one related to your license) .
Again, we need to look at the logs of the Connect Server to figure it out.