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OMR Condition from CSV without using metadata

Hi all,

I’ve come from Planetpress 7.5.3 so this is a whole new world! On the old version I used the PB scan code utility that made OMR marks as easy as adding the profile in scan code setting and then calling the conditional ones with = ( @(21,1,5) = ‘1’ ) is there a way of doing this without using metadata?

I tried with the below but think I’m missing somthing at the start.
if (record.fields[“Letter”] == “1”) {
section.enabled = true;

To help you properly we would need to see the Template and reproduce the issue. I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website.

Hi Hamelj,

Sadly my first line support if provided by Ricoh so I cant add a ticket with OL, I would not call it an issue more I don’t feel comfortable with metadata and used to use the below in 7.5


I dont know what to put in this box below, essentially I want it to be: If data in the datamapper filed named selective feed 1 = 1 then include the the OMR mark, but my ambition is greater than my skill set!


If you have a valid OLCare contract, you are entitled to support with us. Ricoh does provide first line support for their users but once it goes beyond their knowledge, they open one with us.