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Only first page duplex

How to set only the first page duplex in order to print an advertisement on the back side and continue the other pages in simplex?
If I set the sheet config. to duplex and content on front page only, the rest of the overflow pages will be in duplex with white pages inserted on every other page, which reduces the printing speed by 1/2.



Please have a look at the following “How To” web page: Showing a Terms and Conditions on the back of the first page only (link)

Based on the introduction I guess it’s the information you’re looking for:

“The case we deal here is the one where we add Terms and Conditions page only in the back of the first page, regardless of the number of pages in the overflow. […]”

Hi Marten,

This is what I did, but that makes the overflow pages print in duplex as well with white pages inserted on the back side. So a 10 page document will print 20:
first page with T&C on the back and 9 pages with white pages on the back.
I need to disable the duplex mode after printing the first page with T&C.



Are you using the same Sheet Configuration settings as used in the “How To” sample file? Do you’ve select the option: “Duplex” > “Omit empty back side for Last or Single sheet” for example?

Yes, but this will omit the the empty back side only on the last page not on the middle ones.

What is the printer you are using?
Do you know if the printer is capable of mixplex? (switching between duplex and simplex within the same job)

Xerox VersaLink C400

I contacted Xerox and they sent me an explanation on how this is done. In the case of your printer, it needs to be done via Exception Pages.


Now in order to do this with Connect, you first need to reproduce it with your Postscript driver.
Take any multipage PDF file you have, open it in a PDF reader and print it though the Postscript driver for this printer. have it behave how you expect your job (in your case, page 1 and 2 in duplex and the rest simplex). Once it works, redo the same thing but print it to file (usually, when you print, you will see an option somewhere that says Print to file or Send to file).

That will generate a Postscript file of your job.

Then contact our support and they will be able to provide assistance on how to reproduce this with Connect.

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Thank you very much, you’re done a great work. I really appreciate it.
Will do that and contact the support.



Just to be sure, the solution will work on the record (document) level?
Meaning the job file will contain thousands of records with each having variable number of pages. For each record the first page will print duplex and the other pages simplex.

That is a question that needs to be asked to support :wink:

Ok I will, thank you