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Opening/Editing a pp6 template in Designer

We just got a new printer, so we need to edit an old template for the first time in 9 years. It is a pp6 document, and designer won’t open it because it isn’t a valid pp7 file.

What can I do?

Once I get it open, how do I nudge all the fields 1/8" to the left and 1/4" down?
When it comes to templates and designer, it was set it and forget it. I have forgotten it.


Welcome to the community, Jim!

Using PlanetPress Design 7.6.2, I am able to open pp6, pp5 and pp4 templates.

Can you show us a screenshot of the message you get when opening the PP6 file?

As for nudging everything, the best way is to create guidelines that represent the new position of the your leftmost and topmost elements. Then, select all elements on a page and drag them so that they snap to the intersection of the guidelines. Reminder: you can specify a very precise position to your guidelines by double clicking on each of them.

I tried to post it originally but there is a one image limit for newbies.

If you have 7-zip installed, you could try opening the file with it to make sure the file isn’t corrupted in some way (because the PP6/PP7 files are just zip files).

If it opens properly in 7-zip, or if you don’t have a zip tool, then I would ask you to send me the file via a private message - if your organization allows it - to see if I can open it on my side.

If it doesn’t open in 7-zip, then the file is corrupted and you’ll have to find a backup of it somewhere.

A coworker figured someway to do what we needed done. Thanks.