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Optimization web preview for a lot of parallel requests


I want to create a workflow process to create and response preview images for a webshop. I know some techniques to speed up the processing time but as far as I know PlanetPress Connect only allows 6 parallel processes at a time. Lets say I get around 20 preview requests or more at a time, is there a way to handle it without upgrading to PReS Connect?
If I want to handle 20 requests at a time (without having to wait for a parallel unit to become free) do I really have to use PReS Connect with 2 performance packs?

As long as those previews are handled by Connect processes, then yes, they’ll always be bound to the licensed restrictions.

Without upgrading, your best bet would be to optimize the creation of those previews to be as fast as possible so the wait time is reduced.

Thank you for your reply. I already thought that but hoped that there is another trick unknown to me.

In this case, Connect is unsuitable for live previews. I have a special project request where at least a final preview of the final print file should be displayed, but it is unclear how high the traffic will be (scalability must be given). A waiting time of a few seconds is certainly acceptable, but if 20 users (or more) request a final preview at the same time, the waiting time increases extremely from the seventh user on.