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Optimize Embedded Images



I made a workflow with imported images directly from an url. 15 images per record and productions of 4000 tot 10000 records. The pdf are getting really big. Really big…

After optimizing the pdf file in acrobat I managed to reduce the size greatly.

Is there a way to save the pdf as optimized pdf directly from the workflow?


I understand and I’m not trying to be difficult… but…
I posted this question: Optimize Embedded Images

That is the issue I’m trying to overcome. Pres Connect cleans up after itself and that is very nice. But this happens after the whole workflow process is done. Due to a limited space I can’t run big productions without the workflow crashing (well not really crashing, it just stops). I use the emulation an splitter to secure multiple parts of a big datafile.

But I stil run out of memory before the whole production is done. I got no answer on the other question I posted and also our local Pres Connect provider in the Netherlands couldn’t find the answer. So I’m looking for a work around. So cleaning the cache after a splitted cycle could be the answer. If the temps are deleted before the next split starts, the limited disk space would not form a problem.

Any advice?


You mention memory issues and disk space issues. Are they both occurring or do you simply mean that you are running out of disk space?