Output both metadata for PDF output and text file

Is there a way to run the datamapper for output to metadata for use in creating a PDF file and also output a text file with the field values?

Does not need to occur at the datamapper object, just that I need both the series of PDF files and a text file with the values for each document such as a CSV file.

Not using the all-in one, but separate objects.
Due to the processing time, I don’t want to use two data mappers.


From your Datamapper you could output a JSON file which can then be used by both the CreateContent step for PDF creation and whatever you wan to do with it.

  • Execute Datamapping Output set to JSON
  • Sent to folder
  • Create Print Content set to JSON and %F
  • Create Job Unselect unused Content items in metadata is unchecked

ERROR: 12:44:34.028 [0009] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: HTTP/1.1 500 An unspecified error occurred which was caused by LoggedApplicationException: There was an error running the job creation process caused by NullPointerException: Cannot invoke “com.objectiflune.core.datamodel.DataRecord.getValue(String)” because the return value of “com.objectiflune.core.datamodel.ContentItem.getDataRecord()” is null (SRV000032) (SRV000001)
ERROR: 12:44:34.028 [0009] Create Job: W1603 : Plugin failed - 12:44:34 (elapsed time: 00:00:00.121)

ERROR: 12:44:34.033 [0010] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: W4230 - Metadata does not contain a valid Job Item Collection
ERROR: 12:44:34.033 [0010] Create Output: W1603 : Plugin failed - 12:44:34 (elapsed time: 00:00:00.004)

The job preset is configured to grab a field and pass it to the output preset for file naming.

What am I missing?

  • Create Print Content set to JSON and %c

Still getting an error


At this point, better open a technical support ticket through our website.

Once they found the problem, can you post the solution here?

Went back to metadata out put from the datamapper and added a post processor script.
The script does not create folders, so the output folder has to exist.