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Output creation case sensitive



I want to print in several pdf files based on a datafield. I know how to do that and usually it works fine.
Now I discovered a problem. In my datafile there is a field “payment”. I want to separate on change of the field value (values are: Leasing, Cash, Fund). In one record the value is “leasing” instead of “Leasing”. Because of that I get an error while output (“ApplicationException: New file tries to overwrite file created in this run”).

Grouping/Splitting seems to be case sensitive and so it creates one group for “Leasing” and another for “leasing”.

Is there an easy way to solve the problem without correcting it in the datafile or datamapper?

Why is it that bad? Because I tried to execute it through a workflow process but did not get an error. Also I did not get output files. :unamused:


Unfortunately, I don’t see how to fix this other than by forcing, through a script, your word to have a fix case structure.

Connect is based on Javascript, which is case sensitive. However, Windows filing system is not, which is causing your two group (lease, Lease) to try and overwrite.


Thanks for your feedback. I know about the facts you mentioned but I hoped there is a simple solution.

In my case I set a regex in the Datamappper configuration for the desired field. Is it possible to do a correction in the output mask for the file name in output creation?