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Output Creation - Concatenate

I’m trying to create an output creation where I can concatenate files with the same name. My “Output Type” is “Directory”. When my data record has only 1 page each time, this works fine. I have some data where some packs have 20+ data pages so the files will need to concatenate. I can do this in the workflow and use the emulated data splitter & concatenate in my send to folder, but it’s a lot slower.

When trying in the output creation I get the error “New file tries to overwrite file created in this run” with the below “Job Output Mask”:

If I change the mask to:
then I get no issue because each “data page” is given a unique number in the output. But obviously this isn’t what I need.

I have separation ticked and here are my settings: https://i.imgur.com/zruuImr.png

Any ideas?

Let me rephrase what you post to make sure I understand:

You have data that sometimes have only 1 record, which can generate 1 or many output pages, these all in the same document and this is working.

You also have some data where you will have more than 1 record, each generating 1 or more output pages. This is problematic because multiple record, in the same data file, need to be concatenated together?

Would you also need concatenation to happen from different data file? Meaning, record from different data file would need to have their output pages concatenated together?

That is correct.

A record from a different data file would not need to match.

I just need to concatenate any matches from this 1 data file.

Can’t you re-organise your data prior to Datamapping? What type of data is it?

If I’m understanding correctly, you might want to consider creating a Job Preset to group on the field you’re interested in using for the concatenation.

If you group them up into Document Sets, then you’d be able to separate on the Document Set, rather than the Document level. The end result would be the same as concatenation, but quicker.

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Sort and Group your Documents into Document Sets (Job Preset), and then Separate by Document Sets (Output Preset).

Or in other words, what AlbertsN said (I should’ve read the whole thread before replying)!