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Output creation seperation question

Hi Guys,

I have a question and how to approach this problem.

How to separate documents on number of pages but avoid splitting a record mid pages. So what I am looking for is for example in a single document the records have 4 pages but there could be a record within the same document with 6 pages, 8 or even 12 page. I would like to approach this through the output creation is possible, in not any other help or workflow example would be nice too.

Hope I’m making sense.

Thanks for your help in advance.


First create a JOB preset that Groups your Documents into Document Sets by “Size Range”, wherein you can create as many “page range document sets” as you like. Then in your OUTPUT preset, you Separate by Document Sets.


Thanks for the info, but cannot seem to make it work. I only get a single file that is not seperated. See attached my input and output creations. Something I’m doing wrong?
sheet ranges.OL-outputpreset (19.1 KB)
sheet ranges.OL-jobpreset (4.1 KB)

In the Job Output Settings, change the “Grouping Level” to “Document Set” and the “Item to group” to “Documents”.

In the Output Creation Settings, change the “Output Type” to “Directory”, and in the Job Output Mask, specify whatever metadata field or system variable you want to make your filenames unique. You can add “file number” from the list, for example, to create sequentially numbered files. Something like “${file.nr}_${template}” would work. (Note that in Workflow you can override the “Job Output Folder” setting if you want and use the Send to Folder plugin instead.)

Background: You are grouping “Documents”. You are grouping them into “Document Sets”. You are Separating your Output into 1 file per Document Set. You need to give each file a unique name. You can do that with system variables like ${template} and ${file.nr}. Or, you could create a metadata field in your Job Preset and use that in the Job Output Mask (I see you have a metadata field defined in your Job Preset already, and you could use that in the mask.)