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Output Files after Print preset Job Creation

I currently generate a Text file output in the post process of my data extractor.

I have a print template generating my print ouput…

I have a Job (Settings) defined so that I sort my output by “Account Number” and sheet count. I would like to generate a .csv that would represent the changes to the sort of the data so that I can create a QC document that will follow the print job throughout our production process.

Any Ideas?



Can you clarify the request? Are you trying to use the mapped and sorted data to build up a CSV for each record? Maybe using the retrieve items after the job creation could give you the required data at that point in the workflow to then produce the required CSV, but depending on your input data format, it could potentially be simpler to do this with the source data to start with. From my perspective, no matter the approach, it would be done at workflow level.

Do you have more info that could clarify what’s in play?

Thank you for reaching out…

So, I have a “print image” text file that is the source for the Data Mapper compiling the record and detail information. At this point, I just have record data and line counts. I have 7 different “input” files with 10 different outputs. Only after the “Job Creation” would I know the actual order of the output in the PDF. I would like to use the Job Creation Settings to order the output by “Account Number” and sheet count. Only after the Job Creation Settings applies the “Sorts” would I know actual record order of the output.

My goal, is to be able to provide my print department and the machine inserter a sequence report that will define the first and last record. (this is the current practice)

So, in the end, I would like to generate a QC report representing the changes to the order of the records that the job creation settings institutes.

Thanks for you help,