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Output Grouping and Separation

I may have asked this before but don’t recall the answer, if any.

Is it possible to Group Documents into Document Sets by number of documents? I frequently need to produce output containing “X number of documents per output file”, regardless of page count or sheet count of the individual documents, which could often be variable.

Alternatively, as a New Feature Request, the Separate by Sheet Count feature in the Job Preset could have “widow/orphan” control and not split in the middle of a Document. So in essence it would become “X number of sheets (or less)”.

I think ${set.count.documents} is what you’re looking for.

I see I wasn’t clear in my post. The end goal is to SEPARATE the output into multiple files, with “X” amount of Sheets per file, but without breaking Document (or Document Set) boundaries.

I don’t see how or where I’d use the ${set.count.documents} variable on the “Separation” screen of the Output Preset.

As of 2019.1 that is a setting you can make in an Output Creation Preset.
On the Separation tab, select Separate by Count, then after “At exactly”, select “Documents”.
See https://help.objectiflune.com/en/planetpress-connect-user-guide/2019.1/#designer/Output/Print/Interface/print_separation_settings_page.htm

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Thanks for that information, we never upgraded to 2019.1 because it failed to fix a different bug so the client deemed it not worth the risk (as we never seem to have smooth upgrades). Since 2019.2 fixes the other bug, we’ll upgrade when it’s released.