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Output Individual PDFs for Each Record

I was wondering if there is a way to output a single PDF file for each record in a projects variable data and have the PDF file name equal a certain field in the variable data? I am currently doing this with a less than ideal application and was wondering if I was able in PrintShop Mail Windows Version 7.2.8?

Thank you,

  • Cody

Hello Cody,

You are in the wrong forum for question on PrintShop Mail 7.2.8.
This forum is for PrintShop Mail Connect questions.

Please post your question here.

And the answer to your question can be found here. Although, for th second part of your question, naming the file, with PSM 7.2.8, you will have to name them manually yourself as upon splitting the job, the GUI will prompt you for a filename for each separated PDF.

Unles you are using PSM 7.2.8 with Workflow (PlanetPress Watch), but then, it is a whole different setup.

Hi Hamelj

Is this possible with Printshop connect?

Thanks in advance

It is, using the Separation option, from the Output Creation Presets

Thanks very much for your quick reply :slight_smile: