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Output Metadata along with PDF

Is it possible to output the metadata for a job along with a PDF? Reason I ask is that we have a lot of jobs which require merging\sorting etc and the only way to do this within PReS is to output to PDF sorted and then read back and set document breaks when the address changes for example. But to do this we have to add white text to the page which is very messy so wondering if it’s possible to output the info some other way

Hi @jbeal84,

Based on the shared information I assume that you can use the Metadata File Management task for this.


This task outputs the exact same data that was given to it. Its Metadata will either be missing (Delete Metadata), Changed (Load Metadata) or the same (Save Metadata).

Source: ‘Metadata File Management - PReS Workflow 2022.2 User Guide (link)’

Thanks I’ll have a look at that