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Output - Number of copies


how can I give my output presets a dynamic number of copies?

In my database is a field “number” and I want to use the field value to repeat the output…

It should be integrated in a workflow where I use the output presets and don’t want to loop there in any way


See also: https://learn.objectiflune.com/qa/index.php?qa=1606&qa_1=number-of-copies-in-combination-with-repetition

Hello Thomas,

Unfortunately there’s no way to dynamically set the number of copies in the output or set collate to on or off.

For the time being, the loop will continue to be required in Workflow. I will do the feature request for control over dynamic number of copies in the Output presets.


Hi Evie

Any idea if this will be available soon?

It seems to me to be a simple addition that will help greatly, it is available in PSM.




Any update on the above feature request?



Hi Tim,

you can use record.copies in the datamapper in an action step.

Just create an action step directly after the preprocessor step and type in the following JavaScript:

record.copies = data.extract('colNrOfCopies',0);

Replace ‘colNrOfCopies’ with your own column name or change the whole expression if you have a different data format like pdf.