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Output path through workflow when separating

referencing an older thread

After Create Ouput through workflow (%o as mask), when output is separated it will create a text file showing the path to the generated documents in filestore. If it’s just a single non separated output, the file it shows up in the target folder.

Is it possible to move the entire result from filestore to the appropriate output (Send To Folder)?


Sure, you simply parse out the FileStore path, then do a Folder Capture of that path followed by a Send to Folder. That referenced thread has those details/solution.

TDGreer, sure I noticed, but asked (whilst done that way) for a simple solution.
Output preset will do that, too.

Hi there,

I’m trying to work this out and can’t work out how to get the filestore path from the output of the separation?

Can you explain how you go about this ?