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Output preset how to set runtime parameters?

Given an output preset that, among other things, adds barcodes to the resulting PDF we would like to dynamically change the coordinates at runtime to accommodate very heterogeneous specifications.

I don’t see any possibility to pass data to an output preset from the workflow Connect plugin or use data from the job preset.

The barcodes option fields don’t seem to accept variables too.

You’ll will be able to pass data to an output preset by executing the following steps while setting up a Job Creation Preset via the PlanetPress Connect Designer:

  1. Go to: File > Print Presets > Job Creation Settings…
  2. Check the option “Runtime Parameters” in the Configuration Selection window of the Job Creation wizard.
  3. Go to the Runtime Parameters Options window by clicking on the “Next >” button.
  4. You can add a Parameter to the list of Runtime Parameters by clicking on the “Add” button in the top-right side of the Runtime Parameters Options window.

Note: Information about using Runtime Parameters in a Data Mapping Configuration, Template or Job Preset can be found at the following webpage: ‘Runtime parameters - PlanetPress Connect 2022.1 User Guide (link)’

I would say that in case you would like to parse the value of a Workflow Variable to your Output Preset is to use a Runtime Parameter in your Data Mapping Configuration and to assign the value of the Runtime Parameter to a record field. Please have a look at the following webpage ‘Properties and runtime parameters - PlanetPress Connect 2022.1 User Guide (link)’ and search for “Accessing properties and runtime parameters”.

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Thanks for all the guidance, this guides me on how to set and pass around runtime variables, however, in the output preset -> aditional content -> barcodes I see how I could use runtime info in the conditions field but not in the coordinate field of the barcode.

If this is correct, I would have to configure a wide variety of scenario and enable the right one through conditions.

Any update or workarounds that you can share @Marten?

Hi @Maxiride,

Unfortunately not. I assume that, as you mention, "configure a wide variety of scenario and enable the right one through conditions" is the only workaround in this case.