Output preset: parametric folder settings are ignored

As of your documentation here:


especially this:

I can set parametric output paths e.g. for pdf output.

(by the way, the documentation is wrong, because the quotations marks around the format string must not be there, else the input field for path gives me an error. As you can see in one example there are quotation marks around the format string, in the other there are none)

But if I try that in an output setting:

a folder ist created with that parameter string, instead of a year/month based folder.

What is the correct way to do this or is it another bug?



This should work, as it is explicitly and implicitly stated in the docs:

Dear @Xanathon,

This isn’t a bug. The correct way of doing this is to apply the pattern ${system.time, yyyyMMdd} to the Job Output Mask option instead, as shown in the following example:

  • Job Output Mask: ${system.time, yyyyMMdd}\test_${file.nr}.pdf
  • Job Output Folder: C:\PPWorkDir

As in regards to your latest reply: Please note that the pattern ${system.time, yyyyMMdd} isn’t a file name variable.

Thanks for your answer, but that is very inconsistent behaviour, since the path is part of the output folder, not the file name.

Plus the documentation states clearly that these parameters can be used in the field “Job Output Folder”.

But so be it …

Plus the documentation states clearly that these parameters can be used in the field “Job Output Folder”.

I’m sorry but that is not correct. The documentation states it clearly for file name variables. However, the pattern ${system.time, yyyyMMdd} is not a file name variable.

P.S. I can understand the confusion but please note that the pattern ${system.time, yyyyMMdd} is listed under the heading “Formatting date and number values” instead of under the heading “File name variables”.

See the screenshot above, it’s directly from the documentation. It is clearly stated that you can use file name variables in the Job Output Folder field when using the directory option. The documentation search (or the browser) even highlighted it.

In response to your latest reply, I would kindly ask you to look again at my previous reply.

I will leave it at that because I don’t want to have a whole discussion about it on the forum.

The documentation needs to be clartified here in my opinion.

So if it is this way:

The date and number values are not a File Name Variable, but a Content Variable and thus cannot be used in the Job Output Folder, but it must be used in the file name in the field Job Output Mask.

I am sure you agree with me if I state that this is not obvious, coherent or easy to understand.