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Output setting collate page


I made a template and create 3 sections under contexts, and the background from PDF DataMapper Input. my application is printing a invoice, the first section is original, then copy, then copy.

when the input pdf more than 1 page, the output is
original p1, copy p1, copy2 p1, original p2, copy p2, copy2 p2.
Is there any setting on the designer can change it to 123,123 instead of 111,222,333 ?

thanks in advance

Based on the description of your setup, you already should get 123,123 assuming that 1 is the original, 2 the 1st copy and 3 the second copy.

If 1 is the first record, 2 the 2nd record and 3 the 3rd record then you need to re-arrange you data in Workflow.