Output SFTP/FTPS - Key File Login

Setting up a system where I need to SFTP using a Key File as the Login Type.
Does the Output SFTP/FTPS Workflow plug-in allow for a Key File Login?

Here are the settings in FileZilla.


No, key files are not supported. Looking at our backlog, I see that this is now the second time the feature has been requested (the first time was back in 2020). So there hasn’t been a lot of demand for it, which explains why it doesn’t make it to the top of our priority list.

The Output SFTP/FTPS Plugin appears to use WinSCP.
Is WinSCP installed with 2023.2 in a fashion that we can use WinSCP command line via the external application plugin?

I see that there are command line options for WinSCP

winscp.exe scp://test@example.com:2222/ /privatekey=mykey.ppk


No, we use the DLL version of the software, so it can’t be used with the command line.

But you could install WinSCP in stand-alone mode and then use the External Program task to call it with arguments.

Mind you, I haven’t tried it, so I can’t certify that it will work as expected.

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Okay good to know.

I will try installing WinSCP standalone and External Program task.
I was pretty sure that it was installed, but didn’t know if it was the same.

Actually, (and unbeknownst to Phil, apparently :wink:), the entire WinSCP software is installed by the Workflow installer. So yes, you can call the application on the command line, as you have described.

Cool, it will save me from installing it again.

What can I say, I’m a noob… :poop:

I asked about this last last year too. All our SFTP interactions here require a key file.

@MichaelEngstrom: we must have missed recording your request, I’m sorry about that. I will add your name to the ticket.

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Using WinSCP installed with OL Connect 2023.2, I generated a session batch script. I needed to modify it to get it to work properly. I intend to execute with the external app plugin within workflow, but have not fully vetted this yet. I figured that it might be helpful to those who need to used a primary key with SFTP.

The server I’m uploading to has time issues and I can set the permissions. I also need to delete the files after they are uploaded successfully. WinSCP requires a *.ppk key, but was able to convert it for me.