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Output to Microsoft 365 OneDrive error

I keep getting this error: [0002] Office365OneDriveOutput encountered an error : Operation [“Create Folder”] failed with response : Item not found (404). Why ? What do I need to put in “Folder” ? Actually I put FolderABC and this folder is created in my one drive. Beside application ID, password,etc, do I need to do something else for it to work ?

Can you let us know please whether the following requirements are met:

[…], Workflow needs to be granted application permissions for Microsoft Graph in the organization’s Azure instance.”, “It needs read access to the Users category (User.Read.All) so that the task can identify the users in the organization.” and “In addition, the Files.ReadWrite.All permission is required.

Source: ‘Microsoft 365 OneDrive Output - PlanetPress Workflow 2021.2 User Guide (link)’