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Output with Through Workflow - generated filename

If Create output splits output into multiple PDF files, the resulting data is a TXT document with paths to each file. Each file is named based on rules defined in the output preset. This works great.

The problem is with situation when output generates only one file. Result from Create output is a generated document (which is OK), but I have no way to retrieve the filename that is generated with the weaver engine. In the weaver log file, I can see that the generated file name is correct, ex. “C:\Users\pres_connect\Connect\filestore\4176.7862076905314067178\my_file_name.pdf”, but the %F variable after Create output is set to “C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\Debug\job010FXRTXK4BQSD29DF7183.dat”.

So, my question is how to get the filename generated by the weaver engine.


%F is the Job filename which is the name of the temporary file of the Workflow.
To have the right output filename, why don’t you create the output in Weaver instead of through Workflow?
I mean the Create Output task could be the lastest one of your process. So the right output filename will be generated.
I hope this would help you.


Unfortunately, it does not help. Filename defined in the output preset is just a part of the final filename. We have a procedure in the Workflow that takes filename specified in output preset and appends some data to it. That data is only available in the workflow.

Okay. How do you define the filename in the output preset?
If you use metadata, you could use the same from the Workflow. Or maybe it would be possible to add the filename in Connect metadatas (with Job Presets).