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Output ZPL for Zebra Printers

It would be nice is there was native support to generate ZPL to output to Zebra printers without using a Windows driver.

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I have open a feature request form you on this matter. It will be reviewed, but I can’t guarantee that it will be accepted.

Although, that would be nice!!! :slight_smile:

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@UomoDelGhiaccio: currently there are no plans to natively support ZPL, but that could obviously change if we get additional requests for it.

I’d love to see the support for ZPL come through. Currently we’re using the workflow to manage data and create databases for printing and it is cumbersome to say the least. It also leaves us really short when it comes to encoding RFID and such when printing on proximity cards that ZPL supports. Please do ad it.

Supporting ZPL would definitely open up some interesting possibilities for specific customers. Often they have fleets of these specialized Zebra printers. Having PlanetPress support it would give us additional options to unlock the workflows surrounding them.

We are currently working on a large project printing to Zebra printers and if PPC supported ZPL, it would be fantastic and solve all the issues we are currently experiencing. Also just finished a different project and they were also using Zebra printers.

I have another request for the ability to output ZPL for Zebra Printers in a output preset

I have re-initiated the discussion within the Product Management group. No promises, though.

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