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Page break on XML field change

I have hundreds of records that are imposed 9up per page, the problem is that I need a new page to start when a specific field changes in my XML. I could do this through separations but I don’t want separate files.

for example:
teacher 1 has 20 students, teacher 2 has 30 students and so on. Each student is a record and I only want to display one teacher’s students per page and each time the teacher changes a new page should begin. Hopefully this makes sense.

Hello @mfrankli,

Can you let us know please which software and software version your forum post concerns? Does it concern PlanetPress Connect version 2023.1, for example?

PlanetPress Connect V 2022.2.3

Thank you for answering the asked question.

Does this mean, for example, that you have a data file with 2 records of which record 1 contains 20 detail table records and record 2 contains 30 detail table records?