Passing metadata in job preset for splitting PDF


Fairly new Connect Designer user here.

I’ve recently built a first template in Connect, where WF (WorkFlow) has a process that picks up a flat CSV file, and generates a printable PDF.

The client is requesting that parallel to the current print-PDF, they also want individual PDFs (documents for archiving) generated on a per record basis in the CSV file, named using a field in the available data. (Even though the field is not always used in the print context.)

I’ve attempted to create a job preset in the designer, that passes on the required field at a document level, but this results in the existing process with an ‘all-in-one’ task now failing. (I simply replaced the existing job preset with the new one.) The errors given for this don’t amount to much in the knowledge base. (W3001 & W1603, which pretty much point at each other.)

How do I pass a field from the datamapper forward to WF, to be used as a metadata field in naming the split files?


Hello Jamie and welcome to the learn portal,

  • create job and output presets where you define the splitting with variable file names (have a look at:
  • create output presets for the print file (without splitting)
  • send your templates and presets to Workflow
  • in Workflow use the single Connect plugins in the following order: Execute Data Mapping, Create Print Content, Create Job
  • create a branch in your Workflow process and place the “Create Output” plugin (as “Action”), choose there the output presets for print file and select the Output Management option “Through Workflow”. After that plugin you can place an output plugin you need (e.g. “Send To Folder”).
  • in the main branch place the “Create Output” plugin (as “Output”). Choose there the output preset with the variable file names (that will output the archive pdf files)


Hope that helps a bit,

Morning Thomas,

I can confirm that you’ve provided me with enough information to complete my task.
I was attempting to complete this within the all-in-one, and never understood that I’d need a separate output preset with separation enbabled.

Thank you for your assistance on the matter.