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Passing position's down in paramaters


I need to create a generic workflow which adds information to pages but the positions for the info needs to be able to passed down to the designer template. I can see easily how to pass the values down but can you set a item up with a variable position based on a automation parameter? eg Barcode and Text box, want to pass down X and Y position.



Workflow’s JobInfos are passed automatically to web templates, but not to Print templates.
The upcoming 2020.2 release will allow you to pass runtime parameters to any template.

In the meantime, you can use the Extradata field to pass any information you want to the templates. For instance, you could add a basic JSON object like this:

The template can then extract and parse that value to position the dynamic elements on the page.


Yeah is was more how I can set the position for the element once it’s passed in


If you set the element’s style to position:absolute, then you can set its left/top properties to the dynamic values.

Thanks phil.

Is the ability to set a variable position for the barcode available when adding a enclosing barcode using the output config?


Unfortunately no, the Output Preset location for additional barcodes is static.

Hi Phil

Is there any documentation anywhere how to dynamically position the barcode element on the page as I have set to absolute position but can’t figure out where I can set the value?