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PCL SlipSheet not taken from correct tray


as we were forced to change from postscript to pcl, we get the trays of our Konica Minolta C754 working.
We printed a complete series with over 50 invoices, which are all printed whith the correct trays.
If a series with invoices is finished, we put a “SlipSheet” at the end (a green A4 paper, which should show us, that the series is over).

In a single test all trays are working (one section for each tray and assignment from media to tray).
In the output creation we select separation after jobsegment, media size A4.
For the “Slip Sheet” we selected the same tray as in the test for the green paper.
But the printer only takes the last sheet which was printed. If the last sheet was perforated paper, the printer takes this paper. If the last sheet was normal A4, the printer takes the normal A4.

I don´t really know where I should look, to solve this behavior.
Any ideas?

Thank you for your answers.


To help you properly we would need to see the Template and remote in to test it with you. I suggest you open a technical support call at 1-866-348-5863 or through our website.

We have found a solution with the local support, after changing the output preset to <printerSettingConfig = “TRAY”> instead of “MEDIA_ATTRIBUTES”, the printer takes the SlipSheet from the correct tray.
The problem was given to the development department and will be fixed in the version 2019.2.