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PDF Based datamapper with secure pdf?

Have PDF files that have security to prevent copying content. Unable to utilize these PDF files with the datamapper.

Caused by: nl.edmond.weaver.api.WeaverException: Unable to handle secure document .... content copying is not allowed

Are there any options to allow these PDF documents to be presented by a web browser while keeping the security in place?

PlanetPress is initially adding the security with an output preset when the documents are inserted. The documents will be pulled up by various people and the security is imperative. Basically only to allow viewing through the official web site.

You are sending the PDF to the data mapper, presumably to extract content. But the PDF security explicitly disallows this. Security has to be removed beforehand. But it can be on a separate copy for the data mapper exclusive usage.

I don’t really need to extract data from the PDF. Was attempting to use the PDF for viewing. It’s not feasible to store an extra set of duplicate documents without security. It would be deemed as a security risk and the documents are stored for year while the product is still active. The operations staff query and display the protected PDF files as needed when a specific product is being manufactured.

I will need to find a different method to display the secure PDF files.

If you don’t need to extract data from the PDF you can bypass the datamapper and pass the PDF directly to the template I think.

But I’ve only read about this some time ago in another post so I can’t give further instructions but I hope someone else stumbling upon this might know something more.

If you don’t extract data from the PDF and not modify it either, why don’t you simply return the PDF?