PDF Creation gets cut off randomly


We’ve had a problem before with a certain image before not being displayed on every page with PDF creation, we got a tip from you guys to ad an image identifier.

Now we’ve been struggling with something else an file with like 110.000 adresses (usually results into like 3400 pages or so, since its same up ) will be cut off at random places in the production.

Is there a way to force it to go thru the entire file? We didnt always have this problem
We check it for special characters but each time we generate it, it will randomly stop, and like attempt 5-6 it will finally luckily completely do it.

Does anyone have a tip how to make sure the entire file gets processed? maybe also some identifier as with the image

hope to hear from you

Hi TBaas,

Is there any information in the Weaverengine or Server log files?


Hi Erik,

Thanks for reaching out, I just had a look and im not sure how i should interpret them

Ive added the reports from yesterday, do you see anything unusual in these?Weaverengine_20240319.txt (1.8 KB) Weaverengine-2024-03-19-(2756).txt (9.5 KB) Weaverengine-2024-03-19-(4972).txt (9.7 KB) Weaverengine-2024-03-19-(7988).txt (16.6 KB) Weaverengine-2024-03-19-(8044).txt (1.5 KB) Weaverengine-2024-03-19-(11852).txt (1.5 KB) Weaverengine-2024-03-19-(15024).txt (725.7 KB) Weaverengine-2024-03-19-(16348).txt (99.8 KB)

Server-2024-03-19-(436).txt (3.3 MB)

ive removed a part from the morning, to make have an allowed file size for attachement , but its been run multiple times in the afternoon

Looking at the log files I’m not entirely sure what the cause is. The errors in the log file refer to the DataMapping step (FileNotFoundException, The network path was not found) and others to the Output Engine.

When you say “cut off”, does this mean you do get output but it is not containing all content?

I suggest to file a Support Request, so my colleagues can have a closer look.

Hello @TBaas,

Can you submit a Support request via our support portal please? Because then we can take a closer look at the issue at hand and schedule a remote session, if possible.