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PDF Datamapper input crop


Have a task where I must place an PDF into the designer, from the workflow.

Normally I just set the background on the Contexts->Print to use “From PDF Datamapperinput”.

In this case I only need some of the pdf/letter, cause I need to replace the rest og the letter with new text.

A variable in the datamapper, indicates how fare down on the page the page should be cropped horizontally. Can this be controlled by a script?

A Case could be that the page should only show the A4 pdf background from the top and 150mm down.

At the moment , I do not see how that would be possible other than by cropping the original PDF input. Unfortunately, that would require the use of an external library or application.

I will make a feature request to our R&D department and see if it gets accepted. The more customer request the feature, the more chance it has to make a future release.

But there is no guarantee.

How about something like this:

<p id="cropped">
    <img src="images/MyPDF.pdf" style="position:absolute;clip: rect(0, 100px, 200px, 0);" />

You could clean up that code a bit and even write JS code to make the cropping rectangle dynamic, but you get the idea.