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PDF Filename v Doc name

Hi All, A PDF can be configured to show either the file name or the document title in the title bar. You can check by selecting: File > Properties > Initial View > Window Options > Show > File Name | Document Title

Is it possible to make this change automatically when generating a PDF from PP Connect please?

First, it should be mentioned that the GUI option you described is not available in the standard, free PDF Reader. That’s already an indication that the feature you are requesting is something of an advanced feature.

Now then, as far as I know, the PDF specification doesn’t allow this option to be set direcly in the file. It can be done, though, by specifying in the PDF’s internal Document Catalog that a JavaScript action has to be performed when opening the PDF. That JavaScript code would change the content of the Title bar from the File Name to the Document Title.

So we’d have to inject the proper JavaScript code into the PDF and even then, it wouldn’t necessarily work for everyone since in many instances, the option to run JavaScript code inside a PDF Reader is disabled, for security reasons.

Obviously, Acrobat Pro is able to do that easily because it can run code on-the-fly to switch the titlebar’s content. But as explained above, doing it programmatically (i.e. as OL Connect is building the PDF) would require a bit of work.

I will log the feature request in our database and it will be prioritized. Obviously, the more users request the same feature, the more likely it is to be implemented.