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PDF font changes if PDF is modified with Adobe Acrobat DC

We have a situation where the font being used in PlanetPress Connect created PDF will change from Courier New to Arial is the PDF document is merged with another PlanetPress Connect created PDF.

Both PDF files are created using the same PlanetPress Connect system, same process and same template. The output preset is not embedding the standard fonts and CID fonts are not being created.

This only occurs occasionally and I have not been able to replicate it yet.
The PDF is being modified using Adobe Acrobat DC.

I set the output preset to embed the standard fonts, but it might not occur for another week. Checking to see if anyone else has experienced this and if so what resolved it.

That’s a strange one, especially as it occurs sporadically.
Are there any warnings or errors found in the Connect engine logs?
If you still have that issue, it may be best to open a support ticket with your local OL Support team.

Nothing in any log. Both PDF files are created without any issues. The font issue only occurs when they import pages from one PlanetPress Connect created PDF file into another PlanetPress Connect created PDF file. But not repeatable or predictable. I modified the output preset to embed the standard fonts, now waiting to see it it resolves the issue, but it can take a week between instances where it occurs.

Fonts are always a strange beast. So many things can go wrong depending on the entire production pipeline… For this kind of issue, I would suggest that you open a case with our support, providing all relevant files to properly analyze the issue.

It is very intermittent, but so far embedding the standard fonts appear to be working (Knock on Wood) :wink: