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PDF image rendering in Designer

PlanetPress Suite had a preference for how to render PDFs. I forget what the setting was called, let’s call it “Fast Rendering” vs. “Accurate Rendering”.

I cannot find a similar setting in Connect. Is there one?

When I use a text-based PDF background image, and need to precisely align variable data, the PDF text renders as an image, very blurry and pixelated when I zoom in, and this makes it very tough to align text.

Unfortunately, there is no such option in Connect.

However, opening a technical support ticket on this, with your problematic PDF as an attachment could result in a solution, workaround or even a feature request.

You can do so here

Is there any global solution not only via support ticket? We have a customer which uses small vectorized pdfs as background and the pdfs are very blurry and pixelated. In the ouput pdf everythings sharp and ok.