PDF name based on a text file

I need send PDF by emai from a folder but the PDF has to be named based on value from text file, but
after finishing the creation processes (datamapper, template, job and output), the source values are not available and the generated PDF is .PDF using Send to Folder plugin.

The name mask I am using is @(1,13,13,69,88,KeepCase,Trim).PDF based on the location of the data.

Thank you !

You could create the PDF from the same Template that will send the it via email.

See Email attachments

It is correct but I missed a detail, I have several records and now it sends an email for each one, I need it to be only one… that is why I was creating the PDF first and then sending it.

By creating the email in Designer I solve the name problem, but I have an email for each record.

Thank you !

So the same input data file used for both the PDF creation and emailing.

In the case of the PDF, is it multiple records into 1 PDF?

If so then you could rewrote your Datamapper sequence to have more than 1 data page into a record.
What is the data format of the original input file?

Yes, is a text line printer file.

I m using the same datamapper with template for print and PDF because need the exact result.

Thanks !

Then read your data file in the Datamapper so you have multiple data page into the same record and that should do it.

Thanks, I’ll try to explain myself better with the images:

  1. This is my flow that processes, concatenates and sends the PDF to a folder that is captured to send the email

  2. This is the detail of the plugin configuration

  3. This is the email I receive, the .dat file is the PDF but with that name, which is not the one I need

This is where we misunderstood each other.
Why don’t you use the Email Output from Connect instead of using this Email Workflow plugin?

Also can you show the Adjuntos tab of your email plugin?

Hi jchamel, sorry about the delay…

I am not email output from Connect because the pdf that I need to send by email is the result of concatenating two pdfs through workflow, each one with a different template.

Thanks !

Also can you show the Adjuntos tab of your email plugin?

Hi Jchamel, here is de Adjunto tab:

In your process, before the Email plugin, use the Rename plugin

Ok, with that I change the name of the attached file but how can I pass that information to the subject and body of the email?

Thanks !

You could set the value into Workflow variable, befoe it is handled by the Connect plugins.

Thank you very much !