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PDF Passthrough doesn't seem to work


I am pretty new to PlanetPress Designer and having problems with outputting PDF files.

From what I’ve read here in the forum, it is not possible to maintain things like the bleed box from the original PDF, right?

My problem is that the outputted PDF doesn’t have the original output intent from the source. I do realize that the Designer “optimizes” things, but even with PDF-Passthrough activated the PDF is changed, e.g. color and boxes.

Building a letter with a PDF as background and variable data. Output as Generic PDF, type PDF, Passthrough PDF-Resources checked, color management deactivated

Is there any way to “import” the original PDF unchanged? Or better: to output.


I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website.
A technician can show you how to use the stamping method.

Basically, you use the PDF as input but don’t set it as the background. That output a PDF with all your data but no background.
Then in a Workflow script, using the Alambic API, you stamp the newly created PDF from your Template onto the original PDF. That usually ensure that nothing from the original PDF is touched.

will do, thank you for your help!