PDF Print Preset output optimization issues

We are using Planet Press to produce PDFs with a number of pages in the order of thousands (average 10\15 thousands pages). The file is a one page template with only variable text, images and other content is the same for all the pages.

The files produced by Connect weights around 170/200 MB which, however, we discovered that can be optimized down to 40 MB with the Adobe Acrobat optimize process. That’s roughly an astonishingly 30% of the original size!

The process performed by Acrobat does not compress images but only refactor the xref tables and the duplicated content streams of the PDF, this leads me to believe that the file produced by Connect actually has the contents repeated for every page instead of embedding it once and then linking to it in subsequent occurrences.

Should Planet Press Connect handle the PDF optimization automatically or is a configuration we have to change in the Job\Output preset?

In the PDF Optimization settings only the option to optimize images is found.

Hi Maxiride, and welcome to the forum,

That file size does sound on the heavy side. Is it possible for you to share your template, so I can have a look at it?
And perhaps also the data mapper? But please don’t upload the data mapper if it has customer data.