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PDF Sort In Data Mapper

Hi OL,

Can we have the sort option for PDF data mapping like the one for CSV/Excel? At times I cannot postal sort statements because a job has 40+ data files. These files are text based mapped which the sort feature cannot be implemented in the mapper due to text files been too broad ranged/complex.

The DPF sort can execute once boundaries have been set. Is this possible?


CSV/Excel sorting allows you to group together rows that have a common field, which in turn allows the DataMapper to split your data stream into separate documents when that field changes.

How would you apply this to PDF? Assuming you already have defined the boundaries, do you simply want to sort the resulting documents on a certain field value that’s been extracted in the DataMapper? Because in that case, you would do that at the Job Preset level.

Could you elaborate on your use case?

Hi Phil,

Now that I think of it, it would be reinventing the wheel. Job Preset is the way to go and what I’m actually doing/using. I was overthinking this when I posted.

I will go back to my corner now :joy:


Given the global situation, I think a lot of us are prone to “overthinking” these days. You are forgiven!

Stay safe.