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PDF split using Barcode scan

I’m a beginner in a workflow process.

I want to split the PDF document there is a new page with barcodes. not every set is going to be a consistent amount of pages I make process like this instruction — When capturing your PDF, start with “Create Metadata” with “passthrough”, to create metadata of the pdf. Then, add the “Barcode Scan” plugin, and configure it to read the proper type of barcode you’re using. You must uncheck the “Delete existing metadata” option, and set “Process by” to “File”. (otherwise, it will overwrite the metadata, and start outputting TIFF files instead of keeping the pdf) After that, add the Metadata Sequencer, and configure it to split whenever the value of the barcode changes. (the metadata field should be named “Barcode_1_Value”, it may help to step through in debug to setup this step, so that you’ll have a metadata file to work with) And finally, use a Create PDF with “passthrough” to rebuild the pdf, but this time, it will take the metadata sequencing into account, and generate only the pages that we want. Finish the process by a Send to Folder, or whatever you want to use to output the pdf.
but process split each page if found first barcode.
Where is my mistake.