PDF Splitter and email attachment


I’m looking for a way to split a PDF before it runs through Pres Image (unless there’s a better way of doing this). Have a simple process using Pres Image to send an email but been asked if the attachment can be split into a smaller number of pages, instead of one large PDF (i.e. 20 pages max per email, all to same email address). Was going to use PDF splitter to do this, but obviously need the PDF created before it goes through splitter. The template itself is just blank and the data dumps to this. Ideally need to create the complete PDF, split into 20 pages and email each batch separately. Thank you.

Hello @Jonathan,

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Can you let us know please what kind of issue you’re facing when you execute the PDF Splitter Workflow plugin first and then execute the PReS Image Workflow plugin?

Hi Marten,

Thank you for your message. Apologies for delay in replying - we’ve had some internal server issues.

Once the PDF splitter is executed the following error is shown:
"[0673] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: W3880 : Job file does not seems to be a valid PDF file: Error opening ‘C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Watch\Debug\job010HPJEZ64KXH2455C4554.dat’: File does not begin with ‘%PDF-’

Thank you

Thank you for sharing the error.

Can you let us know please whether this error occurs by executing the PReS Image Workflow plugin?

Can you also please confirm whether the PReS Image Workflow plugin will be executed directly after the PDF Splitter Workflow plugin or, if not, can you please share a screenshot of your current workflow (from which all sensitive information has been removed)?

Hi Marten,

Please see screen shot below. Yes, error occurred on PReS Image plug in.

Moving the Create PDF plug in does remove the error, but the template is not picked up (“NoOverlayDuplex_Portrait”).

Thank you