PDF Splitter - not splitting as intended


I have a pdf that Im splitting to individual pdfs. The first page got this at this position

Then the second page has the same value in same position.

Im running it in workflow but as I debug it it seems the behaviour is very erratic. I use the same workflow on other pdf and it works just fine. With this I get different result for eg: I have 4 pages pdf (1-2 pages belongs to 1.pdf) , (3-4 pages belongs to 2.pdf).

When it goes pass the pdf splitter and view the PDF I only see the first page then the second page instead of them being together.


So to get around this anomaly , I checked the “Concatenate files” at the end of “Send to folder” making sure that the pages goes to the correct pdf file.

Although I have suspicions because the PDF is created using a template that change the Sections master pages dynamically not the natural master pages for the main section in the property section.

Is this in fact whats causing the pdf splitter to behave differently here?

Kind regards

Hello @edanting,

Can you please share a PDF document from which all sensitive information has been removed and by which you are still able to reproduce the described situation?

I myself am, for example, not able to reproduce this behaviour after applying the following settings to the PDF Splitter Workflow plugin and executing the Workflow plugin in Debug mode by using a similar PDF document as data file.

Hi Marten

Sorry for the delay. As been busy, I have sent you a message with the test pdf.
Let me know your findings.

Kind regards,

Thank you for sharing the test PDF.

I assume that I cannot reproduce the issue in OL Connect Workflow version 2023.2 as I am getting eight PDF documents* as output when I execute a Folder Capture–PDF Splitter–Send to Folder Workflow process in either Debug and Service/Live mode and have applied the following properties to the PDF Splitter:

*Four of these eight documents contains a blank page only.