PDFs not merging

I have recently upgraded to OL Connect Professional from Planet Press.
I have a few jobs that I have thousands of pdf files where I extract the name and address, mail sort, and merge the new address back with the orginal pdf files. I run the jobs as a traditional workflow job, no connect settings, and until this last run everything was fine. Unforturnatly on this last run I had a bunch that didn’t merge the pdf file properly and I only got part of the pdf in the out file. Any idea on why this happened this time and not before?

Whne you say before, I presume you refer before you upgraded from PlanetPress Suite workflow to OL Connect Professional Workflow?

If that is so, can you reproduce the behavior at will?

Again if that is so, I would suggest you open a ticket with our support team and an agent will be able to remote in and troubleshoot this with you.