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Planet Press Software Upgrade

Hi, as I am new admin and to me, the ask is to upgrade the PlanetPress Workflow Configuration Web Client with Version, 2018.2.0.13411 and Planet Press Connect Designer with Version, 2018.2.1.54383

Prior to me, One of my teammates (Currently he left the Company) has installed both of them in our DEV and UAT Windows boxes and I see below info from About. But apart from this I do not have any other info.

In this regard, please answer below questions.

Where I can download these 2 Software’s with above versions?
Is there any document for Installation Steps?
Will any of the Business Users Configurations or Preferences will be reset post Install? <When My teammate install previously, business hasn’t changed anything, everything was retained as per previous state, post Installation.>
Will there be any Licenses that we need to purchase or will land into the scope of periodical renewals of licenses?

Kindly assist on this. Will there be any possibility to host a Webex Session, may be for 1 hour to be clear on all aspects?

Need help on this.

You simply have to use the Objectif Lune Update Client, which is installed on all systems where PlanetPress Connect is installed. The Update Client will display the list of versions that you are allowed to update to.

All your templates and configurations will remain as they were before, so you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

I agree with @Phil.

Although it is always better to be safe than sorry, you ALWAYS should backup your current configuration, sources and resources files. Event better, take a snapshot of your current server.

This has never worked for me, not once, ever, with Connect. I invariably have to use the “OLConnectInstallationRemover.exe” provided by Tech Support, and even then, go through and manually remove folders and registry entries. Messenger frequently fails to install… I think I’ve had to have Support help at least 3 times.

So yes, backing up ALL resources is very, very prudent.

Backing up resources is obviously prudent and should be an automatic step before upgrading any critical system, not just Connect. I would even go so far as saying that no such upgrade should ever be performed on a production system unless it has completed successfully on a test system first.

That said, one user’s bad experience cannot be generalized: the upgrade system works flawlessly for the vast majority of users, otherwise, we’d be literally swamped with calls and hate mail! Still, we take any problem report very seriously and strive to improve the system to make sure it works for everyone.

@praveenkumar.devatha: note that I have removed some of the personal info you included in your initial post as this type of information should not be published on the board.