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Good Morning Community

I require your kind help, a billing process must be implemented and I want to know what is the best procedure.

The invoices are in a .TXT file, each line is an invoice and must be generated individually in PDF with data mapping in a template, additional must be stored in azure storage.

What would be the best tool to perform this procedure?

I really appreciate any help you can give me.

Best regard

Hi Jclondono,

Both tools can do what you need. The only difference is the output speed and numbers of parallel processing.
So the big question is how much invoices are you processing?
Are we talking about 10.000+ invoices a day or much less.
Is it on demand or batch processing.
Is speed a must.

If the volume is not that big, PlanetPress Connect is good enough for your environment…

Best Regards,

Hi Dennis
Thank you very much for your comments, according to your questions:

  1. How many invoices are you processing?
    It’s millions of invoices.

  2. Are we talking about more than 10,000 invoices a day or much less?
    There are more than 10,000 daily invoices, there are an average of 500,000 daily.

  3. It is on demand or batch processing.
    batch processing.

  4. Speed ​​is a must.
    It may be a necessity because they provide a certain time for processing.
    The volume is indeed large.

Best Regards

Hi Jclondono,

In that case i think you should use Press Connect.
Attached i have the Option Brochure. On page 5 you can see the Max output in pages per minute for all Products. Also the max. parallel processes per product. You can see that Press Connect is out of the box much faster. (3.000 ppm vs 10.000 ppm)

OLConnect-Brochure-Options-en.pdf (2.5 MB)

Hope this info can make you’re choice easier.

Kind Regards,

Hi Dennis

Thank you very much for the information. Taking this information into account.

A total of 34 million invoices must be processed in 20 days, making the calculations according to the tool would be the following

*3000 invoices per minute
*180,000 invoices in one hour
*2’880,000 invoices in 16 hours
*34 million invoices in 15 days with the margin of error.

According to this, could you tell me what kind of license is used and what would be the one indicated for this process or where I can find that information. Specifically for these three cases:

*PRES CONNECT - Maximum 10000.

If possible where to find the recommended requirements for this process.

Thank you very much