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PlanetPress Connect does not support table rowspan properly


I have the following situation. I have created a document (see below) that has a header (dynamic in size), a footer (dynamic in size) and a variable list of detail lines (6 in this example). The table for the detail lines uses a rowspan when the information for the 6 lines is the same so I do not have to repeat it for all lines.
When I use a table with regular rows (TR) the system automatically determines if the table still fits on the page or not and creates a second table for the rest of the rows (which results in a second page).
When filling the rowspan column with data and the amount of data is more than would fit on the page (so the text will go over the bottom margin) the system is unable to handle this and will fail.

The only way to currently handle this is do all the calculations manually (very complicated) where I calculate the total space available for the detail section (page size - header - footer) and then fill the rowspan with text and remove a word from the text while it is still too large to fit on the page.
Once it fits again I create a second table and put the remaining text in the 2nd rowspan.
Unfortunately this requires very complex calculations and needs to account for font height and safety margins, etc.

Would it be possible to support a rowspan in the future where PlanetPress Connect will calculate automatically how much text will actually fit on the page and breaks it off at the right point itself?


Hi dvdmeer,

That is an interesting case. Not something we can solve easily but I would like to investigate things a bit further. Would you be able to supply the template and some sample data?



Thank you for your response.
Note that I have a document that works a lot of the times but from time to time it does not and the whole layout gets messed up. As this is a very complex document (it is so complex that it causes major slowdowns of my designer when in preview mode - when editing a script in preview mode it freezes for a couple of seconds every 10 seconds or so).

I will see if I can provide a template soon but it will take some time as I need to anonymize the data and strip out all the other document templates / scripts first.