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PlanetPress Fax

Hi All,

I try to use fax function by using windows fax service, got the below log

Fax Request - 23:50:11
Extracting files from zip
(idx:6) File C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Fax\Spool\ppf59E89.pdf ripped successfully
(idx:6) Parsing PFI file C:\ProgramData\Objectif Lune\PlanetPress Workflow 8\PlanetPress Fax\Spool\ppf59E89.pfi…
(idx:6) Job contains 1 faxes
(idx:6) Concatenating TIFF files…
(idx:6) Sending jobs to Windows Fax Service…
(idx:6) Normalized number : xxxxxxx
(idx:6) Fax Informations : test | test | test
(idx:6) Removing PS and PFI file…
(idx:5) End time: 23:50:clock11:

it look like no error, but i found nothing in outbox/sent item under windows fax service, is it normal ?
(because i haven’t install modem on this PC, i don’t know the fax is sent or not)

Best regards,

Hi Joey,
in the PReS Fax plugin preferences, you can activate reports on failures and successes when using Windows Fax Service.
You would then know if the output is successfull.
Here is some documentation on it: