PlanetPress integration with OnBase

Dear Team,

I have a customer who has PlanetPress and he would like us to integrate PlanetPress with OnBase in order to index on the spool files and create reports. Have you done this integration before? If yes, I would like to purchase this integration kit please.

Kind Regards


Hi Amir,

We do not have an already built solution or connector to Onbase. If they have API’s that allow to connect to third-party applications with Onbase then there could be a possibility to integrate with Connect. However all this needs to be confirmed by our PSO team. This project needs to be scoped and analyzed.

Please contact you local sales rep and they can look into this request.


Has there been change such as any connector or solution developed to output to OnBase in the last 4 years?

Not by OL R&D. It would make little sense for us to develop something if we only received 2 requests over a 4 year span.

Perhaps other members in the community have implemented something in the interval.

Okay, just checking and I don’t run into OnBase very often. If they want to output to OnBase then they will need an API we can use or PlanetPress can create an index file in addition to the images and OnBase would need to be able to import the files.

We have experience of integrating with OnBase for existing customers of ours. That being said, we have experience of integrating with nearly every third party system out there!


I have created an integration with our OnBase and PlanetPress system via the available API system. Generated documents are stored in OnBase with the proper keywords that are received from our main system so it can be done. Note that we have not had any need yet for reports about the documents processed, etc. But I have added information about that in our SQL Server from the PlanetPress system for future integration into a to be build web portal for managing and configuring our PlanetPress system.