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PlanetPress Messenger Service won't start

Hi All,

My work has been running PlanetPress Suite 7 for a few years (I’ve been here on and off a bit over that time).
I have today had an issue with sending design documents to the workflow, Designer becomes unresponsive when I click on Send To -> PlanetPress Suite Workflow.
I looked through the User Guide until I found that Messenger has to be running in the service console when sending design documents and discovered Messenger was “Starting…” but not actually getting to “Running”. When “starting…” the Run menu in the Service Console can’t be used and right clicking on Messenger only gives the option to ‘reload’ which does nothing.
I had uninstalled the latest (smallish) Windows update from a couple of days ago which did not help, and then installed a very large Windows update which also did not help.
I am able to stop Messenger through Task manager and save the design document as a .ptk file and then import that to the configuration, and then after that start Messenger up again, but I really need it up and running properly as soon as I can.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


First of all, this is the Connect brand forum. Next time, please post here for PlanetPress Suite related questions/issues.

Now in your case, you could start by going in the Messenger logs to see if any erros or other infos have been logged.

Then you best bet would be to open a technical support ticket with our support team and they will remote at your location and troubleshoot this with you.

Best regards!

Ah, apologies for posting in the wrong forum.
Thanks for the help, I do appreciate the swift reply.

All the best!