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PlanetPress Printer.exe detected as virus

All of a sudden the PlanetPress Printer.exe is setting off all my AV alarms.
If I upload to Virus Total 26 engines are detecting malware.
VirusTotal - File - aba6ade359e8b8176f73bb241740bbc1fbad1ddf549ff2454b4fbebf66b4780e

Can OF please comment? Do we have a concern?

I haven’t been able to find any previous reports of the printer driver being flagged as a virus, so this issue doesn’t seem systemic. Has your anti-virus software been updated recently? It could be that one of the dependencies shared by the driver with other software is being flagged. However there is currently no known vulnerability with the PlanetPress Printer driver.

Best Regards

Justin Leigh
Technical Support (Asia Pacific)

Its not the print driver itself, but the installer package exe.
Our Carbon Black install flagged it at first, and then I submitted it to Virus Total.
27 vendors are now flagging this file as malicious.
I don’t think this is limited to just my system.

File Version Information
Copyright © Objectif Lune Inc. All rights reserved.
Product PlanetPress Printer
Description PlanetPress Printer Installation
File Version 2022.1.4.4046
Comments This installation was built with InstallAware: http://www.installaware.com
Date signed 2022-06-23 00:41:00 UTC

I had nothing but trouble installing PPC on a system w/ Carbon Black on it. We had to abort the process.

Hi All,

We’ve recently had more customers report that their Anti-Virus is flagging PlanetPress components.

We’ve escalated this to our developers and are waiting for a definitive response.